Successful Adoptions

Below are the letters and emails we have received from our families who have adopted from us!

Successful Adoptions in 2015:
75 dogs and 68 cats
Total~143 pets placed into loving homes!

Hi Carolyn and everyone at Paws Here,
Obi is doing great! He has adapted very well to our household routine and has charmed the neighborhood as we go on our twice daily walks. We are working on one undesirable behavior and we know that with patience and consistency, we will solve the issue. Obi learned the boundaries of our backyard invisible fence quite quickly and spends happy times chasing his tennis ball outdoors.
Regards to all,

Hi! Just wanted to send over a few pics of Piper (aka Kokomo). She'ssettling nicely and is already such a big part of our family. Her favoritetime of the day (besides breakfast/lunch/dinner) is when she follows mearound at night, tucking the kids into bed at the end of the day. She hopsin each bed and gets a little pat from each kiddo before following me tobed.  She still loves her feather wands as well as all the hugs, kisses andaffection from us all.

We love Burt so much. He is the kindest most loving pet I've ever had. We took him to the vet and with medication were able to clear up his nose/eye congestion. It's just unbelievable how much love this little guy has. We are so blessed to have him in our family!

Thank you so much for bringing Burt into our lives!



I just wanted to let you know that Scooby is getting more friendly and happy every day.  We drove to DC with us this past weekend when we went to visit my daughter's family with a 2 year old chasing him around and 2 very big dogs.  He did great both in the car and at their house.  Now he is reverting back to puppy stages (stealing shoes, dragging blankets, etc.)  Oh I forgot to tell you we named Rock - Scooby (because Scooby Do is afraid of a lot of things) seems to like his new name.


 Dear Carolyn,

We love JAX very much. He is a bit hyper and loves loves loves to eat, well shoes, homework and anything else he can find. He loves to go to the dog park and takes a long walk every night with my son Dominick before bed. He has grown to 60 lbs already and the vet said he has a bit more growing to do. Thank you so much for checking in with us. We love our big boy!

Have a great weekend,


 Hi there,

Tanner is still the BEST dog ever and such a great addition to our family... Here are a few pics! He is so special and makes all three kids and my husband and me so happy! So glad we got him. Thanks again;)



Dear Carolyn

Thank you for your message! We are very pleased with Miracle. She has brought a great deal of joy to our lives. When people visit us they are often surprised at just how social she is. It has been great to have her with us.

Thanks again for being in touch.

Tony and Erika


 Hi Sue,

On Friday, my little boy, Micah, and I brought Skylor home, and she is about as cute, sweet, friendly, playful, relaxed and confident as a kitty can be. We are in love with her! Carolyn, the very kind and knowledgeable staff person who handled our adoption, mentioned that you all love to hear how the pets who've been adopted are doing, and I promised to send pictures from time to time. Thought I'd start with the attached from Skylor's first night with us. Shortly after her first round of exploring her new digs, she made herself completely at home. She is wonderful with Micah who equally enjoys keeping her active and snuggling with her.

Our only regret is that we could not adopt both Skylor and Cedo, who was also an awesome little cat. I keep telling Micah that he'll surely have a home soon, and we're looking forward to seeing "ADOPTED" next to his name on Petfinder.





We love love love McGinn! He is the spoiled king of the castle. He is getting so big. He is good with people and animals! He gives us so much joy!!! Here are some pictures!

Thank you for our boy!!!

Mandy, Sam, Coop, and EK


Hi Carolyn,

Good to hear from you.  Well, she has certainly worked her way into my heart!!  This was her Christmas pic!  I think we are making progress with the peeing in the house.  Do have pee pads around & she will use them.  She certainly does poop a lot!

Thanks for checking in.



Hey Guys,

Sorry for the delay!  I've actually thought about reaching out to you guys to give you an update on everything on my end but just haven't had much time.

So we re-named her Olive because of her green eyes. 

She caught on pretty quickly and has never had an issue with either of the boys.  Jack was extremely stand-offish the first two weeks or so, but they are connected at the hips now.

She basically doubled in weight after two weeks.  Her worms were gone the very next day that we took her home which was awesome.  She didn't have an accident inside until about a week in.  Any time that there's been one, it's without a doubt been mine or Jess' fault.  We've actually taken her to puppy class and she's done incredible.  She's a very smart dog and has caught on within minutes.

One thing that I've found unique about the whole experience is seeing her grow and slowly let her guard down.  We've gone at her pace and you can slowly see little bits and pieces of her come out on a day to day basis.  She went from sleeping at the end of the bed and not enjoying being held, to having to be the attention and the one giving you kisses.  And best of all, when you get her away from the boys, she's so well behaved and such a sweet heart.

It was scary going into the whole thing not knowing what she had in her (breed) but we are more than pleased and so thankful that you guys gave us the chance to give her a good life.  After the whole experience, every dog here on out will be a rescue.

I've attached a few pics.  I'm sure I'll have plenty more in the future.

Thanks again,




Hi Carolyn, 

Thanks for asking about Boss (we renamed him).  He is really coming out of his shell and is so lovable!  He has been on vacation with us to Florida and liked the beach but was not sure of the ocean!  Shelby (our lab) and Boss get along very well.  I have been working with him on basic obedience, but will be taking him to class next month.

I will send a few pictures.  I think he is adjusting well to his new home!



Just wanted to let you know Duke is doing great with us! He and his new brother, Herman, are the best of friends! We were out all day yesterday and Saturday in the beautiful weather! We had a blast!




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